We provide lead remediation for gun ranges and weapons facilities.

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Gun Range Lead Remediation

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Environmental Logistics Company provides firing range maintenance, facility closures, and lead remediation services.


We provide safe, reliable and cost-effective gun range lead remediation with the removal and disposal of lead, lead dust, brass and hazardous wastes.

How does a gun range generate hazardous waste? While it is obvious that bullet lead slugs and debris are present in the bullet trap or other backstop and collection areas, what you don't see is the fine lead dust that is produced with every round fired. Thousands of rounds are fired every week at modern indoor ranges and these facilities are equipped with sophisticated air handling systems designed to capture the dust and return clean, filtered air back to the range. Some of the dust settles to the floors and other surfaces of the range area.

Solid waste classification depends on the leach-ability of the lead from the media from which the sample is collected from. Sampling of gun range debris collected from traps has historically demonstrated that leachable lead is present at a characteristically hazardous level. Additionally, the air handling system filters containing the fine lead dust have similarly demonstrated that lead is present at a characteristically hazardous level. Since these lead-contaminated materials are often mixed with paper, plastic, or other debris they are not considered to be economically beneficial for recycling, hence the requirement for hazardous waste disposal.

Even the discarded cardboard/Styrofoam ammunition boxes and paper targets are contaminated with fine lead dust, although not typically at a characteristically hazardous level. These discarded materials are still considered "special waste" and should be properly managed as such when performing gun range lead remediation.

Due to the concern about the health problems that exposure to lead can produce, OSHA has adopted specific worker exposure regulations that address the need for personal protective equipment, medical surveillance, worker training, and exposure limits when performing gun range lead remediation or working in a lead-contaminated environment.

The liability associated with lead exposure, as well as, handling hazardous waste, has many municipal and academic entities recognizing the need for professional management of their ranges. Environmental Logistics Company has contracted with a number of these institutions to provide on-going lead remediation and waste management services. Our experienced team focuses on safety, regulatory compliance, and liability management for indoor and outdoor firing ranges. Our technicians and project managers are trained to handle lead and control lead waste during range cleaning with the use of the appropriate PPE and safety equipment.

We serve indoor and outdoor ranges for a diverse base of clients that includes police, local and national government agencies, and law enforcement academies. Our trained team of professionals provide services ranging from maintenance, basic cleaning, air filter management, bullet trap inspection, lead reclamation, to full decommissioning.

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Environmental Logistics Company offers the professional services you need for your gun range cleaning and waste management.

Environmental Logistics Company provides lead removal, cleaning, and remediation for firing ranges, gun ranges and bullet traps. Ranges are professionally cleaned/remediated by our OSHA-trained crews with appropriate personal protective equipment and occupational health monitoring to ensure compliance with lead worker exposure rules.

  • Rifle and Pistol Ranges
  • Skeet/Clay Ranges
  • Indoor Ranges
  • Plate and Pit Traps
  • Sand Traps
  • Lamella Traps
  • Earthen Berms
  • Steel Traps
  • Ballistic/Rubber Mulch
  • Lead decontamination of shooting range surfaces

Environmental Logistics Company can provide the equipment and expertise to manage the hazardous and special wastes generated by your range. We are an EPA and TCEQ-registered industrial and hazardous waste transporter equipped with our own fleet of transport trucks and waste containers.

We have the in-house capabilities to support indoor and outdoor firing range maintenance, closures, and lead remediation. We always work to identify the most cost-effective solutions for our clients by utilizing individual or combined technologies based on your site.

We are dedicated to your success and committed to partnerships that produce value for your business.

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