We provide lead reclamation for indoor and outdoor gun ranges and weapons facilities.

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Firing Range Lead Reclamation

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Environmental Logistics Company provides lead reclamation services for indoor and outdoor firing ranges.

Lead Reclamation Specialists

We provide cost-effective lead shot recovery services for outdoor and indoor firing ranges.

Lead is a hazardous material, capable of causing harm to human health or the environment if not responsibly handled. The National Rifle Association and the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommend lead reclamation.

How shooting ranges dispose of their lead is crucial to their operational planning, OSHA and EPA compliance, the environment and the health of their staff and customers.

Environmental Logistics Company provides lead recovery and recycling for outdoor and indoor ranges. We have the expertise, and the specialized equipment to recover the down range lead, to provide cash revenues, and to supply reloading shot to your members.

Our services includes: firing range maintenance, lead remediation services, lead reclamation, OSHA and environmental consulting and range closure.

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Environmental Logistics Company firing range services include lead recovery, recycling, lead mitigation, filter replacement, and waste disposal as non-hazardous.

Environmental Logistics Co. is passionate about protecting people and the environment from lead hazards and helping firing ranges protect their range and maintain regulatory compliance. ELC's primary operations is to recycle tin and lead alloys, as well as other non-ferrous metals. ELC is proactive when it comes to effectively managing firing ranges from a health and environmental standpoint.

Our firing range lead reclamation services include removal and recycling of lead bullets and bullet fragments; sampling, analysis and monitoring of soil and groundwater conditions. At ELC, there’s no job we can’t handle. We service all shooting ranges including skeet and trap outdoor ranges and rubber trap indoor ranges. We service all police, public and private ranges.

Our professional staff possess the knowledge, resources and experience to complete your project large or small. We work with you, mitigating disturbance to your facility while operating safely and efficiently.

We are dedicated to your success and committed to partnerships that produce value for your business.

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