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Indoor Shooting Range Services

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Environmental Logistics Company provides safe, reliable and cost effective indoor firing range maintenance, facility closures, and lead remediation services.

Indoor Gun Range Cleaning and Maintenance

Environmental Logistics Co. offers a wide range of indoor shooting range services from routine range maintenance to decommissions and closures.

Indoor firing ranges are popular among law enforcement and recreational shooters because they offer protection from inclement weather conditions and can be operated under controlled environmental conditions. Environmental Logistics Co. provides environmental and occupational controls to protect the health of shooters and range personnel from effects of airborne lead, noise, and other potential exposures.

Our wide range of indoor shooting range services from routine range maintenance, cleaning, lead and brass reclamation, recycling, filter treatments and trap installation and reconstruction, to decommissions and closure, to best serve your range needs. Our services fully comply or exceed federal, state and local standards.

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Indoor shooting range services

Environmental Logistics Company provides a complete turn key solution for range owners and operators from bullet trap inspection, basic cleaning, lead decontamination of shooting range surfaces, air flow evaluations, safely removing hazardous waste such as ventilation air filters, as well as complex decommissioning and demolition of old ranges.

Indoor Shooting Range Services

  • Shooting range cleaning and treatment of lead contaminated surfaces
  • Complete Indoor firing range abatement
  • HVAC cleaning and HEPA vacuum work areas
  • Wet wipe range, including floors, walls, lead containment and encapsulation, etc.
  • Range, backstop, steel trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Routine lead removal and pick-up for recycling
  • Removal and replacement of lead contaminated filters including recycling
  • Removal and recycling of all metals and all range generated wastes
  • Lead removal from all types of traps such as granulated rubber, sand, water trap, etc.

Lead Reclamation and Recycling

  • HEPA vacuums surfaces and behind trap
  • Perform “Full Pull” bullet to bullet fragment removal from bullet traps
  • Remove the granular rubber from traps
  • Separate lead/brass from rubber for recycling.
  • Recovery of small particulate consisting of rubber, lead dust, and other materials
  • Trap reconstruction, fire retardant and rubber replacement as needed
  • Safe removal and transportation of recovered range lead, brass and copper to licensed lead recycler, providing documentation of recycling.

Range Decommissioning:

  • Closure designs and estimates
  • Complete shooting range lead abatement
  • Facility Demolition
  • Waste treatment and management
  • Removal or decommissioning of HVAC, targeting, or bullet traps

Range maintenance services and contracts

  • All types of maintenance and repair for steel traps including: plate turning, welding, bolt tightening and replacement, etc.
  • Ventilation system maintenance, filter changing, and cleaning/decontaminating
  • Rubber range maintenance and repair
  • Trap repair, reconstruction and modification

Environmental Logistics Company  experienced team focuses on safety, regulatory compliance and liability management. Our trained technicians and project managers have provided indoor firing range services that include the removal and disposal of lead, lead dust, brass and other hazardous waste as well as on-going lead remediation and waste management services. Our trained team of professionals provide indoor shooting range services ranging from maintenance, basic cleaning, air filter management, bullet trap inspection, lead reclamation, to full decommissioning.

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