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Outdoor Shooting Range Services

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Environmental Logistics Company provides firing range maintenance, facility closures, and lead remediation services.

Outdoor Gun Range Cleaning and Maintenance

Environmental Logistics Co. offers a wide range of cost-effective outdoor shooting range services from routine range maintenance to decommissions and closures.

Environmental Logistics Company offers a wide range of outdoor firing range service from routine range maintenance, cleaning, lead, aluminum and brass reclamation, recycling, to trap reconstruction, soil stabilization to remediation and range closure.ELC specializes in providing environmental firing range services, and lead remediation.

We provide outdoor shooting range services and indoor range services for a diverse base of clients that includes police, local and national government agencies, and law enforcement academies. Our trained team of professionals provide services ranging from maintenance, basic cleaning, air filter management, bullet trap inspection, lead reclamation, to full decommissioning.

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Environmental Logistics Company offers the professional outdoor shooting range services you need for your gun range cleaning and waste management.

Range Maintenance & Improvements:

  • Excavation of soil from the operating backstop berms, apron areas, and shot fall zones
  • Lead treatment of lead-impacted soil that complies with US EPA and state regulatory agencies
  • Berm reconstruction and installation of processed soils or rubber back onto the firing range berms
  • Relocation of backstop and shotfall zone soil
  • Subsequent redeposition of the soil on the active range

Lead Reclamation/Recycling:

  • Timely separation of lead shot and bullets from soil at active ranges
  • Reclaiming and recycling lead shot

Range Evaluation & Consultation:

  • Lead, safety (OSHA), and environmental
  • Support for US EPA, NRA, & NSSF recommended Best Management Practices
  • Environmental Stewardship Plans (ESP’s) meant to conserve our natural resources and sustain our environment

Outdoor Range Construction/Reconstruction Services:

  • Design and range build
  • Berm construction and reconfiguration
  • Trap installation
  • Installation of drainage and erosion control measures, concrete pads, and retaining walls
  • Demolition, component removal, and disposal
  • Subsequent redeposition of soil on active ranges
  • Contaminated soil remediation and site closure

Range Decommissioning & Closure:

  • Closure designs and estimates
  • Complete shooting range lead abatement
  • Facility demolition
  • Waste treatment and management
  • Removal or decommissioning of HVAC, targeting, or bullet traps

Environmental Logistics Corporation can provide you expertise to manage the hazardous and special wastes generated by your outdoor range. We are an EPA and TCEQ-registered industrial and hazardous waste transporter equipped with our own fleet of transport trucks and waste containers.

We are dedicated to your success and committed to partnerships that produce value for your business.

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